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The interaction of social media and Graffi ti art: the expression of the young generation in China

Te Zhao


Social media and graffiti art, two seemingly distinct fields, are converging in the cultural expression of today’s young
generation in China, forming a striking artistic and social phenomenon. In the age of social media, artistic creation and digital cultural
expression have become the main concerns of the young generation in China. This generation is actively involved in art creation through
social media platforms, including the rise of graffi ti art and creativity in showcasing their cultural innovations and identity building on social
media. Not only are they active users of social media, but they are also avid supporters and creators of graffi ti art, spreading their creative
works globally through social media platforms. This interaction between social media and graffi ti art not only pushes the scope of creative
expression, but also shapes the cultural identity of the younger generation in China and has a positive impact on the social level.


graffiti art; Social media;

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