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Research on the application of information visualization in visual communication design

Yaxin Cao


With the change of social environment, information technology has been better developed. In the visual communication
design of colleges and universities, the application of information visualization is becoming more and more extensive. You can use pictures,
text and other forms to disseminate complex data more accurately and realize the effi cient transmission of information. The application of
information visualization in visual communication, compared with the traditional way there are obvious diff erences, including the early data
analysis and the late graphic performance, information visualization mainly focuses on the display of data and restore logic, through the use
of visualization and process language, the abstract content is more intuitive display. This paper analyzes the characteristics of information
visualization, starting from the design of books, packaging and other content, and puts forward specifi c applications in related fi elds to
provide a new direction for the development of information visualization.


information visualization; Visual communication design; Applied research

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