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Reflections on the “historicization” of Chinese contemporary literature

Yongjian Ma


After the 1990s, “historicization” has become an important trend in the study of modern literature. The “historicization”
research of modern literature has undergone the evolution from one-sided text criticism to overall construction, thinking and in-depth
development of “historicization”, which is the inevitable product of the academic turn and discipline consciousness after the 1990s.
“Historicization” is an important academic practice accumulated by the Chinese School in the study of modern literature: “Historicization”
is the process of transforming the academic thought of Chinese literature into a kind of “localization”. “Historicization” is a process of selfrefl ection and self-renewal, as well as a refl ection on history. “Historicization” is the process of unifying explanatory reason with historical
agency, that is to say, unifying it with historical agency. The process of exploring “historicization” shows that simply copying the previous
theories, isolating literature from the contemporary, and separating from literary criticism cannot be considered as a “historicization”.
“Historicization” has not completely ended, calling for new exploration and new endowing forms.


Chinese contemporary literature; “Historicization”; ponder

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