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Research on the path of college psychological education from the perspective of positive psychology

Yan Huo, Huawei Yang, Hongwei Yu


As a major position of high-quality talents training in our country, a major goal of higher education is to train high-precision
and high-quality talents to match social development and the needs of the positions. With the continuous improvement of China’s economic
strength, the demand standards of the society and related enterprises for talents are also constantly improving, not only requiring students
to have strong professional accomplishment and ability, but also requiring them to have excellent psychological quality. This puts forward
deeper requirements for college mental health education. Mental health educators in colleges and universities should actively optimize the
traditional education system, timely, scientifi c and systematic infi ltration of positive psychology concept, through a series of measures to
help students prevent and correct psychological problems, build a strong psychological defense line, develop positive psychological quality
and behavior patterns, so as to enable their future learning and development.


positive psychology; Colleges and universities; Psychological education

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