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Research on the positive guidance agenda setting of network public opinion based on new media

Fei Xie


Recently, with the vigorous development of new media, the network has become the gathering place of public opinion,
so the network public opinion information transmission is facing a severe test. In the characteristics of diversifi ed and fragmented media
information, network public opinion is derived and revealed in every node of media information transmission. Is the “post-truth” era a
hotbed of public opinion? Under the continuous strengthening of information t echnology, will the dissemination of public opinion meet the
new and old media and show a new trend of development? This paper takes the communication characteristics of network public opinion
from new media as the starting point, expounds public opinion in the agenda setting, and clarifi es the ethical mechanism of public opinion
communication, so as to refl ect on the gains and losses of new media in a certain sense from network public opinion communication.


Network public opinion communication characteristics Network public opinion agenda setting network public opinion positive agenda setting innovation and excellence

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