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Ideological and political exploration for some recommendation methods

Jianxi Zhao


I n the current wave of c urriculum ideological and political education in China, artifi cial intelligence course is an important
and frontier fi eld of ideological and political construction. Recommendation system is one of the core directions of artifi cial intelligence,
and recommendation system course has been widely off ered in numerous colleges and universities. This paper tries to integrate ideological
and political elements into some collaborative fi ltering m ethods based on users and items, fi ltering methods based on item attributes, and
recommendation methods based on classifi cation analysis and clustering analysis. The i deas/formulas/characteristics of the methods are
compared with some ideological and political contents, such that some abstract statistical analysis methods can be visualized, students can
be enlightened to understand the truth of life and work, and they can be helped to put up correct “Three Outlooks”.


recommendation system, recommendation methods, curriculum ideological and political education

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