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The dilemma and realization strategy of digital finance to help rural revitalization

Zhaoling Lin, Yangcheng Zhao


Finance plays an extremely important role in con solidating and expanding the achievements of poverty alleviation and
promoting the realization of rural revitalization strategy. Facing the current problems such as low demand for formal fi nancial borrowing by
farmers, imperfect credit system construction in rural areas, insuffi cient fi nancial supply,and single fi nancing channels for new agriculturerelated enterprises,it is proposed to further expand the popularization of fi nancial education in rural areas, strengthen the construction of rural
credit environment, expand the scope of collateral in rural areas, and build a multi-level rural fi nancial market system. Strengthen exchanges
and cooperation between institutions, and actively cultivate rural capital markets.


digital fi nance; Rural revitalization;

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