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On the Translation Strategies and Communication Paths of Shanxi Traditional Opera-Take the Jin Opera The Orphan of Zhao as an example

Haojie Long, Yanshi Li


Opera is a key carrier for preserving traditional Chinese culture and an important way to tell China’s stories and spread
Chinese culture. Currently, China is in a crucial phase of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and opera plays a signifi cant role in
shaping China’s discourse system and image. Shanxi, the origin of the “The Orphan of Zhao” story, deeply connects with this classic Yuan
zaju. The play has been widely translated and disseminated in the West since the 17th century and is a vital part of Jin Opera, a type of
Shanxi Opera. This paper explores strategies for translating and disseminating Shanxi traditional opera abroad, focusing on The Orphan of
Zhao, aiming to contribute to the global promotion of Chinese culture.


Shanxi traditional opera; Translation strategy; Communication path; The Orphan of Zhao

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