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Study on infrared colorimetric temperature measurement in vacuum furnace

XiantaoYang , Jie Yang, Yue Gu


In view of the situation that on-line continuous temperature measurement can not be realized and the cost of thermocouple
temperature measurement is high, the infrared dual-light colorimetric temperature measurement method is proposed in this paper. Based on Wien’s
formula, a temperature model is established. Through theoretical analysis and experiment to select the appropriate double light wavelength, through
laboratory calibration and fi eld calibration proved the feasibility of the infrared double light colorimetric temperature measurement system adopted
in this paper, not only can realize online continuous temperature measurement, can realize smelting in strict accordance with the smelting process
curve, to ensure the time of steel and the content of each element, it is of great signifi cance to China’s metallurgical industry


vacuum furnace, double light colorimetry, temperature measurement, smelting

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