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Exploration on the integration of new development concepts and innovation and entrepreneurship education in local universities

Kai Gao, Rongchun Sun, Runzhong Miao, Shuhua Jiang


Innovation and entrepreneurship education has been explored in colleges and universities for many years, with the new
development concept proposed, the mutual relationship between the two has also appeared different depth of understanding, this paper
summarizes the new development concept and the concept of innovation and entrepreneurship education in local colleges and universities,
based on the analysis of innovation and entrepreneurship education facing the dilemma, by exploring the integration of the two ways, It puts
forward the connotation of the “curriculum group”, “department-department”, “university-college”, “university-enterprise” and “universityuniversity “ collaborative education mode in the implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship in colleges and universities to show the
connotation of the new development concept, guide the implementation of innovation and entrepreneurship education in local colleges and
universities in a scientifi c way, and provide reference implementation methods.


New development concept; Innovation and entrepreneurship education in universities; Fusion exploration

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