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An immersive exploration of interactive art in digital media

Zhiyang Liu


Since modern times, science and technology have developed rapidly all over the world. Nowadays, the development of
human society has officially entered the information age. The development of art also follows the pace of the development of science
and technology. In recent years, the interactive art of digital media has become popular and gradually become an important form of art
development in today’s world. There are certain diff erences between digital media interactive art and traditional art forms. In interactive art,
more attention should be paid to user experience. Through the application of today’s advanced science and technology, art begins to have
closer contact with people and refl ects its unique aesthetic value. In this study, an immersive exploration of digital media interactive art will
be conducted from the perspective of a user, and the artistic characteristics and value embodiment of digital media interactive art will be
studied and analyzed.


Digital media interactive art; Artistic characteristics; Value embodiment

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