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Take “Forest and Spring Gao Zhi” as an example to analyze the infl uence of Guo Xi’s painting theory on landscape creation

Lin Chai, Chongyu Zhong


Guo Xi is one of the representative fi gures of Chinese landscape painting creation and theoretical research in the middle
and late Northern Song Dynasty. As a theoretical work, “Forest and Spring Gao Zhi” put forward opinions on the value exploration and
observation of landscape painting as well as the way of space construction. This paper tries to analyze the infl uence of Guo Xi’s theory on
the landscape creation of Song Dynasty and even the later generations from the perspective of “Forest and Spring Gao Zhi”, so as to inject
new life into contemporary landscape creation.


Guo Xi; Lin Quan Gao Zhi; Landscape painting

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/modern-management-forum.v8i4.12423