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Research on the teaching development of environmental art design major course under the situation of “Postgraduate Entrance Examination Craze”

Jianfan Liu, Yanhua Sun


“Postgraduate Entrance Examination Craze” has become one of the most common social phenomena. With the increasing
number of students taking the postgraduate entrance examination, whether it is rational has been in the debate. This article from the social
employment pressure, the advantages and disadvantages of the discipline system knowledge, the shortcomings of the practical curriculum
system to perspective the rational level of the phenomenon of “Postgraduate Entrance Examination Craze”, and analyze the teaching
status quo of environmental art design major. There are shortcomings in course teaching and training methods in environmental art design
major behind the causes. According to the characteristics and training objectives of environmental art design teaching, combined with the
characteristics of students and the needs of social development, the teaching content of the major is refl ected. It aims to cultivate applicationoriented and composite specialized talents with solid theoretical foundation, excellent professional skills and meeting the development needs
of the region, so as to provide reference for the development of environmental art design major.


Postgraduate entrance examination cr aze; Environmental art design; Teaching refl ection; Development countermeasure

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/modern-management-forum.v8i4.12426