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Research on the Role and Value of Vocational Skills Competition in Vocational Education

Baozhong Liu


This paper conducts an in-depth exploration of the status and value of vocational skill competitions in vocational education,
clearly defi nes vocational skill competitions and their constituent elements, and elaborates on their impact and role in talent cultivation.
Through competitions, students’ practical abilities and comprehensive qualities are enhanced, their employability competitiveness is
strengthened, and at the same time, it promotes cooperation between schools and enterprises, injecting new vitality into the reform and
development of vocational education. However, China’s vocational skill competitions currently face many challenges, such as imperfect
competition organization and management, deviations between competition content and actual needs, and inadequate scientifi c evaluation
standards. To address these issues, this paper proposes corresponding strategic suggestions, such as improving competition organization
and management systems, strengthening the integration of competition content and actual needs, and optimizing competition evaluation
standards. Looking forward to the future, the integrated development of vocational skill competitions and vocational education will become
an important trend in the fi eld of education.


Vocational skills; Skills competition; Vocational education; Role of vocational education;Value of vocational education

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