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The cross-linguistic etymology and formation of “market” and “market economy”

Ying Chen, Zilun Zhou


Through the cross-etymological research, we found that the word “Market” originated from the Latin word “mercari”, and
it was extended to French, English, German and other European languages.In ancient Chinese, the meaning of the word “market” was the
same as that of European, which means “place of trade”, which is closely related to economic activities, and then produce the word “market
economy”. The market economy is characterize d by market self-regulation, less government intervention, and different characteristics
in diff erent social forms. The socialist market economy is the main form of China’s socialist economic system, the result of the creative
application of scientifi c socialism by the Chinese people, and the product of the sinicization of Marxism.


Market;Market Economy;Semanteme;Translation

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