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Application of modern mining technology in mining engineering

Qi Li


Modern mining technology, with its characteristics of high effi ciency, safety and environmental protection, has gradually
become a research hotspot in the fi eld of mining engineering. These technologies can not only eff ectively improve the mining rate of mineral
resources, reduce production costs, but also reduce the impact on the environment, to achieve the harmonious coexistence of mining and
ecological environment. Under the background of the current global resource shortage and increasing environmental pressure, the research
and application of modern mining technology has important strategic significance for realizing the sustainable development of mining
industry. However, the application of modern mining technology also faces some challenges and problems. For example, the rapidity of
technological upgrading, the complexity of equipment maintenance, and the high requirements of safety production all need us to carry
out in-depth research and discussion. Therefore, this paper expounds the modern mining technology and its characteristics, and analyzes
the application strategies of diff erent technologies in mining engineering, hoping to provide useful reference for the practice in the fi eld of
mining engineering


Mining process technology; mining engineering

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