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Research on “one-stop” student community education mode under the perspective of “t hree full education”

Zichen Wang, Kaiyue Zhang


“One-stop” student community is an important channel for colleges and universities to promote student education, and an
important carrier of ideological and political education in the new era. In this regard, higher vocational colleges should attach importance to
the construction of “one-stop” student community, create community practice activities dominated by ideological and political education,
and strive to build a new pattern of all-round ideological and political education. Based on this, this paper studies the “one-stop” student
community education mode under the perspective of “three full education”. First, it analyzes the value implication of the “one-stop” student
community education mode, and on this basis, puts forward corresponding practical strategies. Through improving the system of community
construction work, creating progressive whole-process education, optimizing the work flow of community service and integrating
community education resources, we can improve the quality of one-stop service, build a new pattern of collaborative education, and promote
the innovative development of college community education work.


Sanquan education; “One-stop” student community; Education model; Higher vocational colleges

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