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A review of research on teacher ethics in China in the past five years

Liangqian Zhao, Ting Li


In building a healthy and functional education ecosystem, the professional ethics of teachers highlight their fundamental and
important role.As the cornerstone of society, education is not only a means of imparting knowledge, skills, and ideas, but also an important
way to cultivate behavior models and values for the next generation.In this process, teachers, as disseminators of knowledge, shapers of
values, and role models, undoubtedly hold professional ethics standards that have a profound impact on the growth of students, social
progress, and the inheritance of civilization.
However, the professional ethics of teachers have become a sensitive issue that has frequently appeared in the public eye in recent
years, with topics related to teacher corporal punishment, teacher tutoring, and teacher lying down constantly emerging.The reason for this
may be due to the changes in interest relations and distribution methods during the process of social transformation, which have led to new
changes in the relationship between the rights, living conditions, and moral responsibilities that teachers should bear.In recent years, various
studies have been conducted on the new issues arising from teacher professional ethics, making it important to sort out relevant domestic
This article uses (title=’Teacher Professional Ethics’) AND (publication time Between (‘2019-01-01’, ‘2023-12-29’) as the search
criteria and is searched in the Chinese language database of China National Knowledge Infrastructure.We searched 210 literature related
to teacher professional ethics from January 1, 2019 to December 29, 2023.There are a total of 23 core journal articles with titles related
to “Teacher Professional Ethics”.Excluding 7 articles with book review nature, a total of 16 articles were used as the basis for conducting
research and analysis on the professional ethics of teachers in the past fi ve years.


Teacher’s professional ethics; Culture

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