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Study on common faults and effective control methods of passivation of copper and copper alloy

Lijun Guan


In the industrial production, copper as an important common metal, has strong thermal conductivity, processability and
electrical conductivity, in the construction, electrical and mechanical industries have been widely used. However, copper in the big fl ag is
easily oxidized, and then the formation of copper oxide, which also aff ects its actual application performance. In this regard, in order to
further improve the corrosion resistance of copper and copper alloy, we can passivate it, but the actual process will also encounter some
common faults, in this regard, this paper discusses the common faults and eff ective control methods of copper and copper alloy passivation,
hoping to provide some references to the relevant people.


Copper; Copper alloy; Passivation; Common faults; Control method

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