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Exploration of the Long term Mechanism for the Rule of Law Construction of Teacher Ethics in Higher Education Institutions in the New Era

Ai Wang


Against the backdrop of the accelerating process of comprehensive rule of law in the country, branches such as rule of law
in enterprises and education are also steadily advancing.The rule of law involves multiple fi elds, and as stated in the Book of Rites, “To
build a country and govern the people, education is the top priority.” It can be seen that the most important issue in governing a country is to
focus on the education sector.The construction of teacher ethics, professional conduct, and the rule of law is a concrete manifestation of the
implementation of the rule of law strategy in the fi eld of education, and can also comprehensively enhance and improve campus work in the
new era.Rule of law in education is to promote the standardization and legalization of educational work through the law, regulate behaviors
related to the fi eld of education, such as resolving campus confl icts, regulating teaching activities, and handling teaching relationships,
making the responsibility boundaries of school education clearer. While protecting the legitimate rights and interests of teachers and
students, it also helps to promote the healthy development of the education industry.Virtue governance starts from the inside, using ritual
and music education to improve the quality of people’s hearts and make them consciously abide by these norms;The rule of law is external
and constrains people’s external behavior through specifi c rules. The two complement each other and are the dual hubs of the construction
of teacher ethics in universities.The country attaches great importance to the role of the rule of law in the construction of teacher ethics in
universities, which is not only an objective need to address the diffi culties in the construction of teacher ethics in universities, but also an
inevitable requirement for teaching and governing schools in accordance with the law.


Teacher’s ethics;Legalization;Universities;mechanism

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