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On the Challenges and Countermeasures Faced by the Digital Economy Era

Huizi Li


The scale of China’s digital economy continues to expand, and the contribution of China’s digital economy continues to
grow.The role of the digital economy in the national economy is further enhanced.At the same time, the digital economy has become the
main driving force for global economic development.In the rapidly developing environment of emerging digital technologies, the digital
economy has achieved good development.However, the development of the digital economy still faces many challenges. Firstly, there
is a problem of insufficient support from information and communication technology for the industrial digital economy in the process
of development. Secondly, the value of data is still in its early stages.The third issue is the long-term existence of the four “no” issues in
industrial digitization.Finally, it is diffi cult for a consumer oriented digital economy to stimulate economic development.Although the digital
economy faces various challenges, we need to actively reform and innovate, develop the digital economy, and better serve society, so that
people can enjoy the dividends of the digital economy more.


Digital economy; Industrial digitization; Digital divide; Digital technology

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