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characteristics and trends of short animation Videos from the perspective of we-media Fusion

Wenxin Zhang, Yan Zhao


In the new development situation, with the further development and extension of mobile communication information technology,
a variety of application information will continue to appear in the cognitive vision of people in every era. In this era of we-media development, the
continuous innovation of animation short video has gradually led the fi eld of animation industry to move forward. The continuous introduction of
diversifi ed design concepts breaks traditional patterns and practices, actively ADAPTS to diff erent needs of consumer market and design audience,
and fi nally makes traditional animation design more perfect to meet the common expectations of consumer market and design audience. Through
case study and relevant theoretical research, this paper fi nds that people have higher and higher requirements for short animation videos in the era
of fragmentation. High-quality content, beautiful pictures and sophisticated production are needed to better meet people’s aesthetic needs and other
aspects. Through this study, the competitiveness of short animation videos in mainstream we-media platforms is increased, the development of the
animation industry is further promoted, and the advantages of cultural communication are fi nally formed.


We media, animated short video

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