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The Path to Enhancing Traditional Cultural Literacy of College Students majoring in Finance and Accounting

Yanzhu Li


Culture is an important support for national development and a key factor for people to establish confi dence and faith.As a
cradle for cultivating top talents in various fi elds, universities should focus on integrating traditional cultural literacy education into the talent
cultivation process, eff ectively expanding the path of traditional cultural literacy cultivation.Based on this, this article conducts research on
the path to enhance the traditional cultural literacy of college students majoring in fi nance and accounting. Firstly, the important value of
enhancing the traditional cultural literacy of college students majoring in fi nance and accounting is analyzed, and the existing problems in
the current cultivation process are elaborated. Based on this, corresponding practical strategies are proposed, including attaching importance
to the infi ltration of traditional culture, carrying out characteristic education activities, linking students with professional ethics, creating a
traditional cultural atmosphere, and playing the role of teachers as models, in order to eff ectively enhance the traditional cultural literacy of
college students majoring in fi nance and accounting, laying a solid foundation for their future career development a nd social contributions.


Universities;Accounting major;Traditional cultural literacy;Education reform;Comprehensive quality

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