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Analysis of Construction Strategies for Financial Engineering Majors in Applied Universities under the Background of Industry Education Integration

Min Hu


The integration of industry and education refers to the deep cooperation between industry and education, which is an
important means for the construction and talent cultivation of financial engineering majors in applied universities. It is also the key to
bridging the gap between universities and enterprises and promoting mutually beneficial development.In the new era of education and
teaching reform, this article will focus on the integration of industry and education. Firstly, it briefl y explains the practical mode of industry
education integration. Then, taking the fi nancial engineering major as an example, it deeply explores eff ective strategies for professional
construction under the background of industry education integration, in order to provide a new perspective and ideas for the construction of
the fi nancial engineering major, and help cultivate and develop excellent fi nancial engineering talents.


Integration of industry and education;Applied universities;Financial Engineering major;Construction strategy

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