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Analysis of the Reform of Practical Teaching in Engineering Management under the Background of Intelligent Construction

Xiaoxian Qiu


Intelligent construction, as a new generation of engineering construction mode that integrates information technology and
engineering construction technology, is one of the important means to promote high-quality development of China’s construction industry.
Cultivating innovative and composite talents suitable for future intelligent construction development is of great practical signifi cance for
the development of China’s digital economy and the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry.Based on this, this article
analyzes the new requirements of intelligent construction for the practical ability of engineering management professionals in universities.
On this basis, it elaborates on the existing problems and optimization strategies of practical teaching in engineering management majors
in universities under the background of intelligent construction, aiming to further promote professional teaching reform and provide some
reference and reference for colleagues.


Universities, intelligent construction, engineering management major, practical teaching, reform

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