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Practice and Refl ection on Ideological and Political Construction of Finance and Accounting Courses in Universities

Xuancheng Lu


With the continuous promotion of higher education reform, the cultivation of talents in universities not only requires solid
professional knowledge and skills, but also requires n oble moral character and firm ideal beliefs.Therefore, integrating ideological and
political education into the courses of fi nance and accounting majors, achieving an organic combination of knowledge transmission and
value guidance, is of great signifi cance for cultivating high-quality fi nance and accounting talents with both morality and talent.However,
in the practice of ideological and political construction in accounting courses, there are still many challenges and problems, including
insuffi cient awareness of ideological and political construction among teachers, low teaching ability of ideological and political education
among teachers, and insuffi cient resources for ideological and political construction in courses.In this regard, it is necessary for fi nancial and
accounting teachers in universities to accelerate the exploration of the path of course ideological and political construction, deeply explore
the ideological and political elements in fi nancial and accounting courses, integrate ideological and political content such as socialist core
values, professional ethics, and the spirit of the rule of law into the teaching process, and guide students to establish correct worldviews,
outlooks on life, and values.This article delves into the problems in the ideological and political construction of fi nancial and accounting
courses in universities, and proposes corresponding construction paths, hoping to provide eff ective references.


Universities;Accounting major;Course ideological and political construction;Practice and Refl ection

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