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An Analysis of the Influence of Emotional Loss of Rural Left_x005fbehind Children on English Performance

Mengmeng Li, Beifang Liu, Ziyi Lu, Xintian Liu


This paper mainly analyzes the current situation of emotional loss of left-behind children in rural areas, mainly manifested
as: lack of sense of belonging and sense of value. Their lack of emotion has a negative impact on their English learning performance, mainly
including: (1) learning English attitude: not correct; (2) learning English motivation: not strong; (3) learning English way: not fl exible. In
the face of this dilemma, the author puts forward optimization strategies from the perspective of school, family and teachers, which not only
provides a reference for the relevant research of left-behind children in the future, but also brings some inspiration for the further study of
how to improve students’ English learning performance.


left-behind children; emotional loss; English performance

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