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Study on photoelectric performance of dye-sensitized solar cells based on ZnO composite photoanodes

Zhichao Shen, Guang Cheng, Zhiming Liu, Huihui Qiu


Photoanodes are an indispensable part of dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). The preparation process and method of
photoanodes are important factors aff ecting the photoelectric performance of DSSCs. In this study, ZnO photoanodes were prepared on
FTO conductive glass coated with ZnO seed layer by hydrothermal method, and a light scattering layer was introduced, and DSSCs were
assembled. SEM and XRD were used to study the microstructure and phase structure of the generated crystals, and the photoelectric
performance of the assembled dye-sensitized solar cells was tested by an electrochemical workstation. The results show that the photoelectric
performance is better when ZnO nanosheets are placed in 0.07M zinc nitrate/urea growth solution at 90℃ for 4h reaction light scattering
layer. The Short-circuit current density (Jsc), Open-circuit voltage (Voc), Fill factor (Fill factor) of the obtained cell were obtained. FF) and
photoelectric conversion effi ciency (PCE) are 17.05mA/ cm-2, 0.61V, 0.59 and 6.05%, respectively.


Dye-sensitized solar cell; ZnO composite photoanode; Hydrothermal method; Photoelectric performance

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