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Pretreatment and comprehensive utilization of phosphogypsum from industrial solid waste

Baoxiang Kang, Qinghe Zhang, Ying Wang, Jiang Ma


Due to the special nature of industrial solid waste phosphogypsum itself, it can be eff ectively used in many fi elds such as
chemical industry, agriculture, transportation and so on. For example, phosphogypsum can be used in the construction fi eld to make gypsum
board. Industrial solid waste phosphogypsum will not only have an impact on environmental quality, but also threaten people’s health, so the
application of the corresponding method of phosphogypsum pretreatment, not only can reduce pollution, but also can provide an important
guarantee for human development and survival. Therefore, this paper analyzes the main causes of industrial solid waste phosphogypsum and
the infl uence of impurities in industrial solid waste phosphogypsum. At the same time, it also discusses the pretreatment of industrial solid
waste phosphogypsum and the comprehensive utilization of industrial solid waste phosphogypsum.


Industrial solid waste; Phosphogypsum; Pretreatment; Comprehensive utilization

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