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Research on Design Management Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges

Xiaolin Hu, 박종빈


The design management course is of great importance in the business field. It can help students master the nature and
method of design management, and promote students to better adapt to the post needs. Based on this, this paper studies the teaching of
design management in higher vocational colleges. Firstly, it analyzes the existing problems in the teaching of design management in higher
vocational colleges, and puts forward corresponding optimization strategies in view of these problems. By setting up a reasonable course
system, carrying out project-based teaching, organizing students to participate in enterprise visits, and enriching teaching evaluation forms,
etc. The aim is to improve the teaching quality of design management major in higher vocational colleges and cultivate high-quality talents
who are more in line with the market demand, hoping to provide references for educators.


Higher vocational colleges; Design management; Teaching; Teaching reform

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