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A Practical Study on the Collaborative Education of Family, School, and Society in County Areas——Taking Qingdao City as an Example

Jiazhi Jiang, Lin Zhao, Yahong Sun, Zhiying Nie


Since the implementation of collaborative education between families, schools, and communities, some achievements have
been made, but there are still some problems, especially after the implementation of the “double reduction” policy. It is further emphasized
to strengthen the importance of collaborative education between families, schools, and communities.In previous studies, most of them used
theoretical discussions on collaborative education between families, schools, and communities, but lacked empirical research.Therefore, in
order to make up for the shortcomings of previous research, this study aims to investigate the county area of Qingdao, summarize the mature
experience of family school social education in the past, identify its shortcomings, and propose feasible suggestions, in order to enrich the
empirical research of family school social cooperation in education.Through research, it has been found that there are a series of problems
in the current practice of family school community collaborative education in Qingdao, such as insufficient understanding of family
education by parents, insuffi cient disposable time, and low participation in the community and society.In view of this, this study proposes
corresponding suggestions and measures to promote collaborative education between families, schools, and communities.


Family school society cooperative education; County level; Synergetic co Education

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[1] Zisen Liu, Yue Yan, Dongxu Liu, et al. Guiding Principles and Practices for Student Development Based on Home School Community Collaboration [J].

Chinese Journal of Education, 2021 (S2): 237-241.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/modern-management-forum.v8i5.12973