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Research on the Emergency Management and Emergency treatment Mechanism for Emergencies in Universities

Jiajie Zhai


In the perspective of quality education reform, universities should not only focus on the quality of curriculum teaching, but
also pay attention to the physical and mental health of students, aiming to promote their comprehensive development.Based on the actual
situation, it can be seen that various unexpected events have occurred in multiple universities, which have had a negative impact on students
themselves and the image of the university.Therefore, many universities have gradually improved the construction and implementation of
emergency management mechanisms for unexpected events, which can to some extent reduce the frequency of emergencies.At present, there
are various problems with the emergency response mechanisms constructed by some universities, which have resulted in poor emergency
management eff ectiveness. In view of this, this article combines existing theories and experiences to discuss the construction and application
of emergency response mechanisms for emergencies. Combining its current situation, problem analysis, and root cause analysis, specifi c
mechanism construction paths are proposed to provide reference basis for relevant personnel.


Universities;Sudden events;Emergency management and handling mechanism

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