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The Questions and Solution Policies of Employees in Welfare Management in New Normal

Yi Wang


Employee welfare management, as a key link in enterprise human resource management, plays an important role in attracting outstanding enterprise talents, stimulating employees' enthusiasm for work, building a positive corporate culture, and promoting the company's long-term development. However, at present, many enterprises in China have many problems in employee welfare management, which reduces the efficiency of human management and hinders the healthy and stable development of enterprises. Based on this, this paper is based on the current situation of employee welfare management under the new normal, and analyzes the dilemma and existing problems faced by enterprise employee welfare management. On this basis, try to explore solutions, and strive to promote the innovation and optimization of enterprise employee welfare management from the aspects of "perfect policy system, attach importance to planning and overall planning, highlight the incentive function, attach importance to employees' opinions, and innovate welfare forms".


New Normal; Employee Welfare Management; Dilemma; Problem; Strategy

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/mmf.v3i1.1338