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Research on Human Resource Management for Telework Informatization under the Background of Epidemic Prevention

Jingting Lai, Yangbin Wu


The Corona Virus Disease in 2019 will have a serious impact on the normal operation of various industries. Under the environment of resuming work and production and ensuring safety, remote online office has become a core option for the operation of various industries. At present, remote office has met a lot of troubles, such as information asymmetry, inefficiency, regulatory difficulties, communication barriers, weakened confidentiality, and so on. This article focuses on exploring the mechanism of human resource management in remote office informatization in the context of epidemic prevention and control, and proposes distance education innovation for employee training, big data transformation performance evaluation, and cloud computing. This article also focuses on solving the problems existed in the remote office. It suggests some useful and innovative human resource management paths. For example, improving data sharing, network optimization and remote collaborative office and others, all of them offer a good idea which provides human resource decision-making reference for the orderly resumption of work and production in various industries.


Epidemic Prevention and Control; Remote Office; Informatization; Human Resource Management

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/mmf.v5i1.2783