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The Idea and Realization of Higher Vocational Teaching Reform Based on Outcome-oriented Education

Tianxiao Song


Higher vocational education requires reform and innovation. It is necessary to attach importance to the process and results of higher vocational education and obtain the international engineering education professional certification. Outcome Oriented Education (OBE) is based on the premise that all students can be successful, clarifies the learning outcomes of students after the education process, and emphasizes the ability of students to apply what they have learned to practice through action learning. Soon after the birth of OBE in the United States, it set off a huge wave of education reform. The transformation and promotion of OBE’s localization will surely develop a new normal of vocational education with distinctive features, outstanding advantages, and outstanding results. In the final analysis, the OBE model puts students at the center of the classroom. As a successful teaching model exploration institution, the school takes the learning achievements as the starting point to carry out the behavior process of students’ various practical application skills training. When implementing OBE, only a deep understanding of the connotation structure of the outcome-oriented pyramid can prevent misunderstanding or distortion of the original meaning.


Outcome Oriented; Teaching Reform; Higher Vocational Teaching

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