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Learning Styles and Corresponding Teaching Strategies for Non-English Majors in China Universities

Jie Tian, Jia Liu, Shuangxi Zhang


English language, being a tool for communication, has played a vital role in both social life and academic fields. Based on this situation, developing teaching strategies and improving teaching effects are critical challenges that all English teachers are facing in China. Regarding this problem, studies show that English teachers need to have a further exploration on student’s learning styles and set up relevant teaching strategies to improve the actual learning outcomes of those college non-English majors. This study analyzes students’ learning styles and suggests corresponding teaching strategies implemented by the teachers for non-English majors. Besides, by synthesizing the concerned information, this study also put forward some teaching suggestions aiming to enhance English teaching strategies for non-English majors; therefore, the learning outcome may get improved correspondingly. Additionally, the study provides references for the enhancement of the comprehensive level of English teaching professionals in China.


Higher Education; Non-English Majors; Learning Style; Teaching Strategy

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/mmf.v5i2.3404