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Study on the Path of Integrating Excellent Traditional Culture into Ideological and Moral Education in Primary and Secondary Schools

Shijia Shen


Excellent traditional culture has become a major concern in today's society. We should take the essence and discard the dregs of traditional culture. Our contemporary youth should continue to inherit the excellent traditional culture. The first step is to integrate the excellent traditional culture into the ideological and moral education of primary and secondary schools. Only by increasing their contact with excellent traditional culture in a earlier time, can they have a better understanding and mastering of it, which is of great significance to the inheritance of excellent traditional culture. They shoulder the mission of inheriting and innovating the excellent traditional culture. This paper studies the path of integrating excellent traditional culture into ideological and moral education in primary and secondary schools.


Excellent traditional culture; Ideological and moral education in primary and secondary schools; Paths of integration

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/mmf.v5i3.3407