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Research on the Improvement of TMT Innovation Capability from the Perspective of Knowledge Integration

Jiahe Wu


TMT (Top Management Team) is an important research topic in the development of business operations after the emergence of Upper Echelons Theory. The development and innovation of enterprises rely on the power of talents, and TMT, as the core force influencing the decision of enterprises, will directly influence the direction of innovation development and strategic goal decision of enterprises, which in turn will affect the business efficiency of enterprises. Under current market situation, enhancing the innovation capability of TMT has become a pressing issue for industry players to address. Taking TMT-related knowledge concepts and innovation capability aspects as the entry point, this paper analyzed the elements affecting TMT innovation capability from the perspectives of knowledge integration and team diversity, and tried to suggest corresponding optimization of its team structure on the basis of knowledge integration.


Knowledge Integration; Top Management Team; Diversity

Full Text:



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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/mmf.v5i4.3722