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The Construction of Educational Content System of Economics and Management Based on the Background of Public Management

Gong Chongyi


Public management refers to the guidance of various laws, regulations, policies and plans by the government to solve problems that arise in the process of social and economic development, and to provide support and services when solving problems. Economy and management are important parts of my country's education system, and there is a close relationship between the two. In the process of social development, the two influence each other. The purpose of constructing the educational content system of economics and management is to promote the maturity and development of educational economics and management. This article mainly uses analysis method and questionnaire survey method to study the related theories, feasibility and development direction of the system construction. The survey data shows that 38.9% of seniors attach importance to the method system, 33.3% of the seniors attach importance to the application system, and 36.8% of the juniors attach importance to the theoretical foundation. Therefore, different grades have different requirements for this, but the construction of the overall education content system is supported by the majority of people.


Public Management; Economics and Management; Content-Based; System Construction

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