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The Logistics Industry Helps to Establish Unified Domestic Market: Positioning and Construction Path——Interpretation of Guideline on Establishing Unified Domestic Market

Yuheng Liu


Logistics industry is an important guarantee for the smooth flow of market resources, and an important participant and promoter in the establishment of a unified national market.Logistics industry contributes to the establishment of a unified national market by strengthening logistics infrastructure to realize the unification of market basic systems and rules, vigorously developing third-party logistics, improving the intelligent logistics, strengthening the construction of emergency logistics system, promoting the high-standard connectivity of market facilities, and realizing the unification of factors and resources. Pay attention to the establishment of logistics market access system to promote fair and unified market supervision and a series of measures, remove obstacles, ensure the smooth circulation of all elements, speed up the high-quality development of logistics industry, boost the formation of a unified national market.


Unified Domestic Market; Logistics Industry; High Quality Development

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