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Study on the Impact Factors of Social Integration of Off-Farm Workers

Rumeng Liu


This article studied the social integration of off-farm workers and shows that: (a) off-farm workers have a strong willingness to integrate with the social; (b) health and education have a positive and significant impact on the social integration of the second-generation off-farm workers; (c) the first generation pay more attention to the satisfaction of urban life, while the second-generation cares more about their sense of satisfaction regarding their jobs. This article also put forward suggestions and indicates that we can enhance the social integration of off-farm workers by training the human capital of off-farm workers, improving their community participation, and creating a good employment environment.


Off-Farm Workers; Social Integration; Impact Factors

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Du H, Wang W, Li S. Study on social integration and influencing factors of off-farm workers. Journal of Beijing University of Technology 2022; 22(2): 49-61.

Yue Z, Lee S, Feldman. The concept construction and empirical analysis of the social integration of off-farm workers. Contemporary Economic Science 2012; 34(1): 1-11, 124.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/mmf.v6i3.4505