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Research on Countermeasures of Innovation and Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine Supported by Science and Technology—Taking Dazhou, China as an Example

Qian Zhao, Chunlei Yu, Jingyi Hu, Xueqin Weng


Dazhou city is located in the hinterland of Daba Mountain in the northeast part of Sichuan Basin, which is connected with Shanxi and Chongqing. It has a wide variety of traditional Chinese medicine resources, is rich in resources, and has great potential for production and development. It is known as the "Pharmaceutical storehouse of Eastern Sichuan", with more than 2,380 kinds of medicine resources, which has a good development prospect. In order to give full play to the support of scientific and technological innovation and lead the development of traditional Chinese medicine, this paper summarizes and analyzes the development status and scientific and technological support of Traditional Chinese medicine in Dazhou city, and puts forward the ideas and suggestions for the next step on the main problems existing at the present stage.


Traditional Chinese Medicine; Innovative Development; Countermeasures; Dazhou

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