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The practice and discussion of life-oriented English classroom teaching in secondary vocational schools

Vivian Choi


Vocational school students' interest in English learning is weakening, and vocational school teachers devote themselves to
organizing classroom teaching to help students fi nd and fi ll gaps, but the eff ect is not good. With the continuous development of secondary
vocational education in China, as a secondary vocational teacher, we should combine the learning characteristics of secondary vocational
students in daily teaching and constantly improve teaching methods, which plays a very important role in improving the teaching eff ect of
secondary vocational English classroom. Language learning cannot be separated from continuous use in real situations. Only by repeatedly
practicing the language in specifi c situations can students truly master it. Through integrating theory with practical teaching, this paper
discusses how secondary vocational school teachers can reasonably build a life oriented English classroom in practical teaching, stimulate
students' interest in learning, help students improve their new knowledge structure, and at the same time, integrate ideological and political
education into teaching, imperceptibly establish the correct three perspectives of secondary vocational school students, so as to truly improve
the enforceability, practicality and eff ectiveness of secondary vocational English classroom teaching.


secondary vocational English; Classroom teaching; Life oriented; Ideological and political education

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