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Research on the Optimization of the Training Mode of E-commerce Professionals under the Background of "1+X" Certifi cate System

Li Chanjuan


With the introduction and implementation of the 20 articles of vocational education, the integration of "1+X" certifi cate
system and vocational education has been gradually strengthened, and the training mode of specialized talents has changed signifi cantly.
Under the social environment where the online economy is in full swing and the e-commerce talent gap is huge, the training mode of
e-commerce professionals should be optimized in combination with the "1+X" certifi cate system to better meet the needs of students and
socio-economic development. This paper fi rst analyzes the "three-phase" relationship of the "1+X" certifi cate, and then discusses the current
situation and improvement strategies of e-commerce professional talent training in combination with teaching practice, hoping to help
e-commerce professional talent training.


"1+X" certifi cate system; Electronic Commerce; Training mode of professional talents; optimization

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