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The Application of Ideological and Political Course in the Teaching of Electronic Commerce Major in Technician College

Deng Min


In the new era, the ideological and political curriculum has become the guidance for schools to carry out talent training
and classroom teaching. It requires class teachers, professional teachers, and cultural teachers to participate in the ideological and political
education process, and form a pattern of educating people through the whole curriculum and the whole staff . By promoting the combination
of ideological and political education and e-commerce teaching, teachers can not only improve students’ professional knowledge and skills,
but also cultivate their sense of responsibility, professional ethics, patriotism, help students establish a correct outlook on money, values,
employment, and better help improve their social adaptability and professional quality. Based on this, this paper analyzes the purpose of
the application of ideological and political education in the teaching of e-commerce major, expounds the factors aff ecting the application of
ideological and political education, and explores the application strategies of ideological and political education in the teaching of e-commerce


ideological and political curriculum; Technician College; Electronic Commerce; application

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