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Research on college english teaching reform based on ideological and political curriculum

Lei Shengchun


With the continuous promotion of the new round of educational reform, ideological and political curriculum has become
the focus of college education. In the process of socialist modernization, colleges and universities bear the burden of talent training. In
order to improve the quality of talent training and realize the parallel development of knowledge, skills and accomplishments, colleges and
universities need to encourage teachers to dig deeply into the ideological and political elements in various courses, and strengthen their
values and moral qualities in the process of imparting discipline knowledge to students. In view of this purpose, this paper takes the college
English curriculum as the research object, ponders over the problems and causes of the infi ltration of the ideological and political concept of
the curriculum into the subject, and puts forward a series of optimization countermeasures, striving to make the college English curriculum
and the ideological and political curriculum go in the same direction, build a collaborative education system, and help students develop in an
all-round way.


ideological and political curriculum; College English; Problem analysis; Optimization countermeasures

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