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Exploration and Practice of Talent Training Mode of Business Administration under the Background of New Liberal Arts

Lei Shuyan, Liu Xiaolong


The problem of talent cultivation in the context of the new liberal arts has aroused extensive and enthusiastic thinking and
discussion. This paper focuses on the cultivation of business administration professionals, and focuses on the construction basis and ideas of the
cultivation system of business administration professionals under the new liberal arts background from three aspects: the new changes in the
training objectives and positioning, the new adjustment of the curriculum system and teaching content, and the new composition of the teaching
staff , and then puts forward countermeasures for the construction path and application of the curriculum system of business administration under
the new liberal arts background, It strives to build a strong support for the cultivation of business management professionals both on campus and off
campus, and also hopes to provide reference for the construction of the whole business management specialty.


New liberal arts; Major in business administration; Talent cultivation; Industry university cooperation

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