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Exploration on the construction of knowledge graph and Smart Education system of Python language programming course

Xiudong Gao, Yang Chen, Hekun Yang, Xiaojie Liu


Python language has become one of the most popular programming languages, and its importance is self-evident. However,
there are still many problems in the teaching process and teaching eff ect of Python language programming. Researches showed that the
application of knowledge graph in education is helpful to the formation of knowledge structure, improve students’ learning effi ciency and
stimulate students’ autonomous learning ability. This paper attempts to build the knowledge graph Smart Education system of Python
language programming course from three aspects: the construction of subject knowledge ontology, the development of teaching platform
based on knowledge graph and the teaching mode based on knowledge graph.


Python,Knowledge Graph,Smart Education

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/modern-management-forum.v6i10.5857