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On the construction of the innovative practice of chinese educational theory in the new era with international standards

Liu Zhaocheng


In order to realize the eff ective evaluation of project-based learning, we need to update some educational theories: the big
situation, that is, the eff ective evaluation of the whole project-based learning must fi rst construct the big situation, the problem situation
or the real situation. Only when all teaching takes place in the most appropriate teaching scenario can we make learning effective and
establish a permanent link with the subject’s cognition. In order to make project-based learning realize its effi cient value, it is not subject
to the teaching theme. A series of solidifi ed teaching modules, such as project-based learning process map, STEAM-PBL process map and
toolbox system, must be formed due to the impact of school scenarios and regional development. At the same time, the cognitive system
of educational theory supported by the construction and thinking, such as teachers’ value awakening, students’ growth path, thinking
visualization tools, teaching evaluation visualization, teaching dualistic balance theory and other concepts.


new era; China’s educational theory innovation; project-based learning.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18686/modern-management-forum.v6i10.5858