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A practical study on the construction of school etiquette culture from the perspective of traditional chinese virtues ——Take Chongqing No. 30 Middle School as an example

Liu Anwei


Cultural construction is the only way for schools to achieve connotation development, and there are many ways to improve
the “cultural soft power” of schools. Taking the 30th Middle School of Chongqing as an example, this paper, from the perspective of
traditional Chinese virtues, explores the connotation and path of the construction of etiquette culture of school culture. Taking the “Three
Rites · Five Hearts” course as the carrier, it shows the exploration of the construction of school culture in the front line of basic education,
and has achieved good results, forming a series of achievements and models that can be used for reference. Facts show that the construction
of school etiquette culture is diffi cult, but can be done.


traditional virtue; Etiquette culture; school

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